23 December, 2015

Streaming Beatles

When I found out that our boys' music is going to start streaming, my first reaction was the same as when I found out they were going to be available on iTunes...which was the same reaction that Dhani had. They're worth so much more than that. The music industry is messed up now for a lot of reasons, but the easy access and cheap prices aren't helping with the quality of what's happening. You shouldn't be able to point-and-click for $0.99 for THE BEATLES. IT'S THE BEATLES!

After I stopped rattling my cane and tried to find a positive outlook, I realized that I can't prevent society from being what it is. If I want the young generations to be exposed to the lads, I've got to accept that they need to be accessed in any way required...except for bad remakes for commercials. That still angers me.

The Beatles are available on iTunes. Conveniently, their music that was on my phone from being uploaded into iTunes from my CDs has vanished. (All that shows up is what I've purchased through iTunes, which is a concept I don't even like for myself. Like I said, I don't like downloaded purchases. If I'm going to buy something, I better be able to hold it in my hands!) Also, with YouTube recently removing their music, there's just no way to have their music on-demand anymore while out and about. (There are amazing stations out there like Beatles-A-Rama that I will always cherish, but I'm referring to the times in which I want to hear a certain song.) Unless I want to carry my old, broken portable CD player in my hand with all my discs like I had to do before the days of the iPod, what choice do I have? I think I need them to be streaming even for myself.

The good news is, iTunes is a cheap purchase. These young kids don't even want to commit to purchases anymore...so what do they do? They have outlets like Spotify and they click on what they want to hear...which is awesome because the artists make money every time they're clicked on. In conclusion, I am very happy with this news. The people that I used to share YouTube links with can now go into their streaming outlets and make the boys money with every listen and at no extra cost to the uncommitted listener! I may just be getting myself a Spotify account for the first time come midnight...

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